From the Paws of Angel Nash 🐾



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“As dusk falls, the City below my 53rd floor Manhattan Penthouse is coming to life. The twinkling lights get me to thinking about my Stellar rise to fame when I sabotaged my Author Grannie’s literary endeavours with my creative paws and my bestselling Westie diva dog books took the literary world by storm, and I became a bestselling Author! Shame the Publishers sacked Grannie, but she really should have been paying more attention to Moi and spent her time usefully waiting on me hand and paw … Humphh…Just why is she taking so long to  rustle  up my supper? All I asked for was a simple dish of chicken in a baked pumpkin and amaretto sauce with a green side salad and some garlic ciabatta bread.  Grrrr…

O’er…Maybe I shall have a cheeky  little sip of her Prosecco just to prevent wasting away whilst I am hungrily waiting. Hmmm, those olives look good too, maybe just a few …Ohhh…I do love how the bubbles tickle my cute little Westie nose…Hic!”

Her name is a misnomer. She is sassy, cute and fun but absolutely no Angel! West Highland Terrier Angel Nash has been a busy Pupster writing up a storm and dipping her delectable Paws into Chick Lit. Our girl invites you to join her ‘Shh Secret Sharing Sessions’ as she candidly shares musings on life, love, luxury and her new found status as a total Diva dog. Follow Angel’s comical misadventures as her ‘it’s complicated’ love life causes canine chaos as she travels from Tewin, her sleepy English village to the dizzying heights of her new Penthouse on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. A riotous romp of a read awaits the unsuspecting reader in ‘Telling Tails’, ‘ Angel in the City’ and the delicious ‘Angel Cake’

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🐾 Author Angel putting her paws to good use and writing up a storm for EdenDene Books helped by Grannie, Eily Nash 🐾