Eily Nash

I write from my heart about things I love and it is my pleasure to take gossamer threads of ideas, weaving them into a richly coloured tapestry of words for you to read and enjoy…

My books are quite an eclectic mix~

Children’s books with themes of love, loyalty and friendship inspired by tales told to my own darling “babies” Jennifer and Ryan.Bedtime stories were always a time of magic and enchantment for my children, their imaginations took flight as together we co created many amazing tales. My lovely boy, Ryan collaborated on three Cute books for children with me, ‘Poppy Paws & Patch’, ‘Puppy Paws’ and ‘Magdalena the Marvellous Mouse’. We thoroughly enjoyed writing these warm hearted, engaging stories where fears were faced, adversaries overcome, adventures had and forever friendships forged.

As well as being Mum, I am also Grannie to a West Highland Terrier, Angel. Her name is a misnomer. She is sassy, cute and fun but absolutely no Angel. She also happens to write books too 🙂 “The Paws” invites you, her Lovelies, to join her in her naughty

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The Paws at work writing up a storm!

‘Secret Sharing Sessions’ as she muses on life, luxury and love.When Angel achieves sudden fame, her diva dog ways get out of hand and life becomes very ‘It’s complicated’. Trusty sidekick and human, Grannie, tries in vain to contain all the mayhem caused by Angel’s mischief making and canine chaos!

My paranormal fiction reflects my deep passion for the numinous realms. I love myth and mystery and magical things, and journeys to that place where the veil between worlds is gossamer thin…

Some of the things that inspire and beguile me are, in no particular order, crystals, tarot, astrology, the magic of nature and turning of the wheel of the year,  mythical Glastonbury, watching the moon & stars from my night garden,  poetry, baroque music, Pre-Raphaelite art and dreams…

Some of the things I like, just because…burning  incense & resins, candles, essential oils, my herb garden, chocolate and wine, laughter and fun.

Oh and writing…did I mention writing?! …

My  supernatural blog, full of tales of myth, magick & mystery


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