Paranormal fiction


 Torn from the Heart


A Tale of Soulmate Love

Cruel heartbreaker, Adam takes no prisoners in ‘Affaires de Coeur’. Fate takes a hand in his bad boy ways one dark, stormy night when Adam finds himself at the mercy of a vicious storm. Lost and afraid on a treacherous Moor, crying out for help, in the middle of nowhere, will anyone hear his pitiful plea? Chancing upon mysterious ‘Half Moon Inn’ and beguiling inn-keeper Evelyn Blackmore, could his prayers have been heard? The raven-eyed beauty offers more than sanctuary. Through the hours of darkness, Adam’s fey companion spins fireside tales of love, loss, rejection, and redemption. Gradually he realises the ethereal Evelyn knows him all too well as she rips her preternatural tales from the recesses of his black heart. Evelyn weaves the unravelled threads of his deepest secrets onto the loom of his life, as Adam secretly plots scenes of soft seduction. Will Evelyn fall prey to her guest’s dark charms and be enticed into his web of deceit? Unbeknownst to him, the enigmatic beauty also has secrets and as the Witching hour fast approaches, so do uninvited and hungry ghosts of the past.

With more than a touch of magic in the air the Hunter just might find he has become the hunted….

Enjoy a preview below 🙂



ww ww cover


A place where the veil between worlds is gossamer thin…

Lucis Ferre, debonair heart surgeon is the man of fragile Ellis Harwood’s dreams. Falling under his influence she becomes his wife, only to realise her husband is not what he seems. Lucis has a heart of darkness, forged in the foundry of his secret occult practices. On a harrowing winter’s night, vulnerable Ellis’ life is hanging by a thread, as the dream brutally becomes a nightmare and Lucis seeks to possess her very soul. Does Ellis have an Angel waiting in the wings to offer deliverance from the evil doctor and is there any sanctuary to be found from his cruelty? By a twist of fate, Ellis finds herself in the Hamlet of Wychwood. It is a place where the veil between worlds is gossamer thin, nothing is quite as it seems and magic abounds. Enigmatic Peter Cabot, local country Doctor and Hepzibah, his eccentric housekeeper, welcome her to enchanting Myrtle Cottage and set about healing her battered body and bruised heart. But the malevolent Lucis has unfinished business with his runaway wife and under cloak of darkness comes seeking to reclaim her. Magic surrounds Ellis whilst she remains at Myrtle cottage. Can she escape the powers of darkness if she steps outside the protective spell of Wychwood? And if she does, then  who will win the battle for her eternal Soul?




Ghostly and Gothic Tales from Past and Present…
There are times darkness wins, and there are times the touch of darkness is enough to illuminate the light within…



Angel of the North: A beguiling stranger offers Cassie a miraculous solution to all her problems, will she accept his help?

Candlenight: On All Hallows Eve the Souls of the dead walk among men and Lady Leonora has unfinished business.

Requiem for Love: A lost soul laments her true love.

Edge of Darkness: Johanna choses to ‘dance with the devil’ when she takes up with Nick Mephistopheles only to find there is a price to pay… Nick wants to own her, body and soul.

Stairway to Hell: Ellis has escaped the devil’s lair when the strains of a melancholy mandolin send her hurtling back to darkness.

Cats Eyes: Favian looks to the dark arts to get what he deserves. Eliza is very happy to assist him…

An Angel Calls: A woman lays with her life and soul in the balance, is there redemption from the demon of addiction?

The Bower: With her Knight in shining armour fighting in the crusades, Lady Perdita, alone in England’s green and pleasant land, is forced to defend the honour of the man she loves.

Beguiled by Beauty: ‘I am an actress,’ she said, ‘A weaver of dreams and a maker of magic!’ Maude beguiles a married man. Will he betray his wife?

I Knew These People: “They are beautiful. Tears from the moon.” When Evie admires a pair of pearl earrings she is unaware they hold the key to a secret.




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