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Westie Books #1~Telling Tails

From PupsterĀ to Pawsome Author of Westie booksā€¦Meet & Greet Miss Angel Nash!

telling Tails

ā€œ…I am miffing mad! I have been unfairly accused, and misunderstood. Grrr…It is not a good idea to cross Moi! My True Love, Hamish, and that B.F nabbin’ frenemy of mine, Kimbles, should be worried! Grannie can watch out too! It is time to name and shame and my paws are on creative fire with all the tales I am going to tell!ā€

Angelā€™s love life is already ‘It’s complicated’ especially asĀ her frenemyĀ Kimbles is keen to get her paws on Angel’s True Love. When a gossip girl whispers in Handsome Hamish’s ear that he is not the only cute boy she has been stepping out with, the shadow of suspicion falls on Angel.Ā MeanwhileĀ selfish human, author Grannie, thoughtlessly decides to feature sneaky Kimbles Ā in one of her books, a dream Angel has longed for. It is all too much and the fur is set to fly! Canine chaos ensues when Angel takes matters into her own paws and sabotages the offending manuscript, getting Grannie fired and Angel hired by a huge New York publishing house. A riotous romp unfolds along the way to sudden fame, as our girl creates mischief and mayhem and muses on hugely important matters, namely herself!


“Telling Tails” the first of Angel’s Westie books on Amazon šŸ™‚